Floor Mirror Visually Educational Toys
Floor Mirror Visually Educational Toys

Floor Mirror Visually Educational Toys

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Black and white educational toys: This tummy time mirror allows your child to access different things through these soft high-contrast toys. Before the child can see the colour clearly, your child will react to the strong contrast between black and white, making the toy a perfect toy for brain development.
Fun toys from 0-6 months: Studies have shown that babies from 0-6 months are in the period of black and white vision. The theme page is mainly black and white. The strong colour contrast provides strong visual stimulation for the newborn, which helps the early development of the baby's vision.
Colour vision at 6-12 months: After 6 months, the baby gradually enters the colour vision period. The toy takes spring, summer, autumn and winter as the themes and presents different colours in different seasons. The crumpled pages and images can really attract the baby's attention, and the colourful colours stimulate the baby's visual area and brain development.
Ideal gift: 0-12 months, this mirror toy is the perfect gift for lying down or sitting. Suitable for babies over 12 months old, it is a developmental baby toy that learns the senses such as seasons, colours, and time. The triangular stable structure allows you to fold it flat, and this toy is easy to store or travel. This is the first perfect gift for a newborn.


Filling: sponge
Age: 0 years old +
Packing: OPP bag
Process: Thermal transfer
Material: Polyester
Mirror Material: The material of the mirror is acrylic, not glass. The acrylic glue is durable and will not break. In order to better protect the mirror, there is a protective film on this mirror. Please tear off the protective film before use, so that the picture sent out will be particularly clear. Your baby will fall in love with this gift. The mirror will not break and is very friendly to the baby.

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